The Creative Content Company was founded in 2013 with the idea that small and start-up companies, who do not have the time to do social media and content writing for their websites, could come to us to make their lives easier!

In recent surveys, we have found that many business owners find that writing content for their website, blog and running their social media profiles can become a ‘chore’ which is usually last on their list.


That’s Where The Creative Content Company Comes In!


With a strong background in content writing we know that it can take time to come up with new and exciting ideas for blog posts. We also know that it can be hard to write onsite content for your website, to communicate effectively to an outsider, who may know nothing about your industry.

If this is the case, it is sometimes best to get an outsider’s view to write what you are trying to convey in simple terms, this way it can be understood by all. Which means more client potential.

We have experience in social media which means we can run campaigns for businesses, or we can teach businesses how they can run a social media campaign themselves. It’s not all about sell, sell, sell so we teach you how to communicate and engage to gain potential new customers or clients with social media techniques.

If you would like tips on writing blog posts, social media and SEO then why not visit our blog, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter where we are constantly uploading top tips to help you engage more with your visitors.


The Creative Content Company Team:

Here at Creative Content Company we feel that when it comes to business people sell to people so why wouldn’t we want to show you who we are? This page gives you the chance to meet the whole team from Creative Content Company;




Hazel Andrews-Oxlade – AKA: Founder & Owner

Hazel set up Creative Content Company in September 2013 and has never looked back. With a background in content writing, social media, SEO and customer service she is the right person to direct this ship and all its clients to the island of success.

Hazel loves comedy nights, the cinema, the local theatre, catching up with friends and networking with like-minded people. She also plays netball and regularly enjoys Jazzercise and Clubbersize.

Angela Jupe – AKA: Accounts Lady

Angela is the lady that keeps us all organised, without Angie in the earlier days of Creative Content Company, the business would not be the success it is today. Angela is the lady that makes sure all our paperwork and accounts are up to date

Angela is a grandmother of 2 girls and 3 boys and loves spending time with her gorgeous grandchildren whenever she can. Angela has a holiday home in Norfolk where she loves spending any spare time she has.

Find out more about Angela here.

Sarah Cardwell – AKA: Admin & Marketing Support

Sarah joined the team early 2020 and quickly proved to be an asset to the team. Sarah looks after the Creative Content Company clients and ensures they are rewarded for their loyalty. Sarah supports Hazel with the internal marketing for the business and keeps everything nice and properly organised (which could sometimes be an issue before she started).

Sarah is a fantastic mother to her 2 children and a life-long friend of Hazel.

Want to more about Sarah? Read her Meet The Team interview here.

Daniel Andrews-Oxlade – AKA: Corporate Event Support

Daniel is Hazels’ partner and will often be seen at the larger corporate events when additional support is needed. You may have seen him at Peterborough Biscuit 2019 and 2020, and he attends the Company Anniversary events, award ceremonies and Client Polo Days as support for Hazel.

He is very often the rock that Hazel needs on the good days and the bad. Dan plays football regularly and is a very good Goal Keeper. He is also learning martial arts.

Learn more about Dan in this blog post.

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