Here at Creative Content Company we know you can’t just rely on one marketing tool for everything. Instead, you need a selection of marketing tools to help your business achieve more online. As an online marketing agency in Peterborough, we offer services that can help boost your brand awareness online. We have created the following packages to help you save time and money, while you increase brand awareness and traffic to your website.

The Orange Package

We can offer an engaging and SEO-friendly blog post that is 300-600 words in length, plus engaging social media posts to get your target audience talking.

The Orange Package consists of one blog post a month and one post on one social media platform every weekday for a month for just £95 per month.


The Blue Package

The Blue Package is one step up from the orange package. This package will see a faster growth in traffic to your website, but you will also see an improvement in your ranking in Google much quicker, as more great content is being produced.

The Blue Package includes four blog posts a month and a post on up to two social media platforms every day for a month. These blog posts will be 300-600 words in length, engaging and SEO friendly. The social media posts will be relevant to your business, engage with your audience and help you boost your business presence online.

The Blue Package is just £205 per month.

The Green Package

Finally, we have our green package. This offers your business the three main services that Creative Content Company has to offer, at an affordable and great value price. We have also thrown in some extra goodies too, because we think you and your business are worth it! The Green Package includes one blog post a week (this could be 4-5 blog posts a month). It also includes one social media post on up to 3 social media platforms every single day of the month. We will create a Mailchimp newsletter for you. We will then update it each month, including new blog posts, information and special offers to send this out to your audience every month for you.

Your Added Bonuses: We will send you a list of awards you can enter your business into each month. You will receive a discount on our award entry service for each award you want to enter. We will complete a free SEO review of your website for every 6 months you stay with us for this package. Every 3 months you will also receive a list of blog post ideas. There will be a few special surprise gifts winging their way to you every few months too!

For these amazing online marketing solutions and extra goodies offered in The Green Package, it will cost you just £265 per month.

Now for the small print….

We will never tie you into a long contract here at Creative Content Company. Instead we run on a rolling monthly contract. If you choose to take your online marketing in-house, or to someone else (are you crazy????) then we just need 2 weeks’ notice before the end of the month and we will pop the package on hold as of the end of that month.