Here at Creative Content Company we are looking to work with other like-minded small and medium businesses to enable them to offer a wider range of online services that will help their clients achieve more online. How good would it look to your clients if you were able to help them with one more service and how nice would your bank balance look by being able to make more money by doing so?

We have a team of highly experienced, engaging and skilled social media managers who can run your clients social media accounts for them. Your client never needs to know it is not someone working for your company that is running their social media, as we will always work as if we are part of your company – in a completely white label way.

We will tell you how much we will charge you for the management of your clients social media accounts and then you can choose how much you mark it up by and add to the charge to include your own fees. Your client will never know you have outsourced the service to another company, unless you tell them.

There are no hidden fees and we don’t charge VAT, if our prices do go up we will tell you at least 3 months in advance so you have the time to inform clients and change the prices on your website, if this is where you choose to advertise the service.