With 10 years under our belts, we have spoken to a lot of people in business about social media marketing. More often than not we are asked if social media isn’t just people posting what they had for lunch. In some cases, that might summarise a lot of people’s social media accounts. However, that isn’t what social media marketing is. It also isn’t how social media marketing for businesses works either.

When it comes to social media marketing it’s about posting what interests your audience. If you are a restaurant owner or chef, then posting what you had for lunch is the perfect social media marketing for your business. However, this isn’t the case for a lot of businesses.

That said, one company we completed social media training with is Allbright Property Maintenance. They post what they had for breakfast, but not lunch. However, this is slightly different. Every Friday they take the team out for breakfast. This is great for social media as it shows they are a business that cares. It also shows the team, confirming they are a real business. In addition, it’s a local place too – confirming they work in the local area to anyone looking for their services.

Social media marketing needs to be about your business and about your target audience. When posting for social media marketing you need to think about what your target audience want to see from you. Relevant top tips, hints and advice that is specific to your industry is a great idea. It also gives them the ‘helpful friend’ impression so when readers need help, they know where to come.

Sharing posts that link back to your website is a great idea too. You’ll always be able to share more on your website than you cane ever share on social media. That said, this needs to be done with care. Social media platforms don’t want you directing all their visitors off their site. Make sure you share posts on the platform that don’t make people leave too.

You also want to make sure your posts aren’t all sales. We recommend a 30% sales and 70% engagement split for your social media marketing postings. Never go above 30% because this will turn people away.

Need help understand social media marketing for your business? Call our social media marketers now. We will talk you through your business, the best platform for you and how we can help.