I will happily subscribe to a newsletter. I’ll check how frequently the emails are sent and if it’s not too frequent I will sign up. I am happy with one email newsletter a month. That’s why we send one a month. I like that amount, so I feel my audience will too. However, what makes me unsubscribe from a newsletter is when I am sent too many email newsletters.

The perfect example of this was just last week. A person I know through business networking, someone that was actually a client a few years ago, sent me an email newsletter. It was a LOT of text and no images to break it up. I opened it, saw there was a lot of text and saved it to read it later. The next day I got another email from her. I felt myself sigh before I even opened the email.

Then the weekend came, Monday morning I had another email from her. That was it. I hadn’t even read the first email and now had 2 more from her. All different, on different topics. At least I presume they were different topics – the titles were different at least. That much I had noticed. But 3 email newsletters in less than a week? It was too much.

Without even reading the first one I unsubscribed. I left my reason as too many emails. Next, I deleted the three emails, still without reading them. I felt stressed by the number of emails from this business. It was too much, and I was now ‘anti’ about the business too. I didn’t care what the emails were about because I was being sent too many.

Which brings me onto this blog post. Do you really want to be sending too many email newsletters? Do you want people to feel negative about your business name when they see it in their inbox? Think about how often you like to receive email newsletters. How many do your competition send? Ask your audience how often they want to hear from you.

The last thing you want to do is find you are sending too many email newsletters. No matter how much great stuff is in the newsletter, your audience might not want to hear from you 3 times in one week.