Having content on your website is a must because how else are people going to know what you’re about? Content can determine how people portray your business. For example if you wanted to come across as friendly and helpful, you would choose an informal style of writing. However if you wanted to come across as a professional, you would use formal language with more industry related terminology.

Ideally every page of your website should have 300-600 words to make Google love you, or to help improve your SEO (if you want to me more professional about it). By having 300-600 words of good quality website content your website and pages will climb the SEO rankings overtime.

In these website pages and blog posts we will include your keywords for you so Google (and other search engines) know what you want to be found for, so they can send the right traffic and audience to your website. This traffic can then be turned into paying customers as they move around your website, reading more and more information about what you do. They will follow internal links (links between one page within your website and another) and build up trust with you, your business and your brand.

If you think that you can write the blog posts but don’t have the ideas then drop us a line. We can send you 10 blog post ideas and topics for just £30.

We can also offer blogging training to you or your team from just £50 per person when we can teach you about blogging, why it is important and how to blog.

Your website is your shop window. Make sure your website content and blog posts are representing your business in the right way!

Blog Content

Regular informal content to connect to your audience, along with keyword optimisation to improve your visibility in search engines and improve traffic to your website.

Content Creation

Keyword optimised content for your on-site pages, which helps search engines see what your page is trying to say and helps you improve your position on search engines.

Blog Content Prices Onsite Content Prices
£40 A One-Off 300-500 Word Blog Post
£50 Per Page of 300-500 words for 5 pages or less
Other Options Other Options
Once a week blog post, (mimimum 2 months) £35 per blog 5 – 10 pages – £45 per page
Once a week blog post, (mimimum 2 months) £35 per blog 10+ pages – Contact Us for a Quote