In this blog post we would like to welcome you to meet the team. We talk to Angela, the amazing admin lady here at Creative Content Company. People buy people, and we think it’s important you know who we are.

I strongly believe that a business is only as good as its team. Angela was the first person to join the Creative Content Company team and I can honestly say the business would not be where it is today without her. Angela sends out all our invoices for us and makes sure that our clients are happy. On top of this, she is there for me. She listens to rants, my stresses and worries. She is there for celebrations and praises me for the wins; big and little.

We asked Angela a few questions about Creative Content Company and what she thinks of the business. We also wanted to let you get to know Angela better as well, so you could begin to love her as much as we do! This is what she had to say;

What do you love about working for Creative Content Company?

Hazel gives her absolute all to her company.  I’ve watched it grow from its inception. I’m so impressed by the ethos of the company. She values every single client and these clients grow to feel like friends.

What’s your favourite memory of Creative Content Company?

I’ve loved celebrating all the milestones as the company goes from strength to strength. 

Where is your favourite place to live?

We have recently moved to a small village on the Fens which I love but my favourite place is the North Norfolk coast. This is where we spend a large part of the year. This is definitely my happy place. It’s where we enjoy peace and quiet with long walks with the dog across the heath land and the coastal walks. I grew up at the coast so feel like it’s in my blood!

Where is your best holiday destination?

We’ve had some lovely holidays but Italy is my favourite.  It’s got everything – history, scenery, coast, lovely people and not forgetting the food!

Where is your favourite place for a meal out?

House of Feasts, Eye Green is lovely. I first went there with Hazel and have been back a few times since. I can’t wait to go back again. The food is delicious and the ceilings are stunning. You have to have been there to know what I mean about the ceilings!

Why do you think people should use Creative Content Company?

Hazel always gives her all to ensure clients’ needs are met with engaging and appropriate content.  

It’s really interesting to read these answers from Angela. The first answer made me think the most. I hadn’t realised how many of my clients I would willingly and happily call friends. However, before they became clients I had not even met then in some cases.