Here at Creative Content Company we strongly believe in the statement that ‘People Buy People’. We think that this is even more the case for online businesses. Who are you paying money to when you are ordering online? Do they have your best interests at heart?

In this blog post we thought we would give you a chance to get to know Sarah Cardwell. Sarah joined our team in March 2020. She started just before the UK went on lock-down for coronavirus. It was an interesting time for us all, but she coped well.

Sarah is our Admin and Marketing Assistant, she lives in Alconbury. Here is your chance to get to know Sarah Cardwell better;

What do you love about working for Creative Content Company?

Hazel is so enthusiastic about how the business helps other businesses and the success of Creative Content Company. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I love being part of the dream that Hazel has turned into a reality. I have seen it every step of the way and it is great to finally be part of it.

What’s Your Favourite Memory of Creative Content Company?

It has to be the first anniversary of the business. Hazel hadn’t told her grandparents that she had set up her own business. She held a 1st birthday party at Peterborough Museum inviting all her business contacts and clients, and her grandparents. This was how she announced to them that she was running her own, successful business.

Where is your favourite place to live?

I live in Alconbury and am really happy here. I have a young family and it is a great village with lovely green spaces and a nice community feel. My favourite thing to do is to spend time with my family, which I can do easily where I live as there are so many great things near us.

Where is your best holiday destination?

I adore Mexico. I went there for my honeymoon a few years ago and had the most amazing time.

Where is your favourite place for a meal out?

I love the The Bell at Stilton. They do really great food. I highly recommend you give them a try if you’re looking for a great meal out.

Why do you think people should use Creative Content Company?

Hazel is great at what she does. She is passionate about helping businesses achieve more in an affordable way.

If you have any more questions for Sarah Cardwell or want to get to know her better; send her an email!