Here at Creative Content Company we strongly believe that people buy people. This is especially the case in this digital world, and for a business like ours. We have taken the time to ask our team members a few questions. This will let you know a little bit more about them. In this interview blog we learn more about Dan Andrews. If you want to know anymore, you’re always welcome to give the person a call or drop them an email.

Dan Andrews is our Corporate Event Supporter. He joined the business in February 2019 and is a massive asset to the team. Dan is able to explain things to our target audience in a clear way that is easy to understand. He uses simple terms and gives potential clients strong and relevant advice to really help them grow.

What do you love about working for Creative Content Company?

Hazel is my partner and I love working with her. I find her to be really inspirational. What Hazel has achieved never fails to amaze me. She is just such an inspiration to me and to others in the business community. It’s clear to see how well respected she is by other people in business.

What is your favourite memory about Creative Content Company?

My favourite memory is the speech by Hazels’ Uncle at the 5th Anniversary of Creative Content Company. Hazel has arranged for some of her clients to speak at the event, but was blown away when this family member asked to do a speech.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

San Francisco. I love the atmosphere there. I have always been drawn to the place even though I have never been there.

Where is your best ever holiday destination?

Tunisia was my favourite holiday destination. I had an awesome time there. My favourite animal is a camel. On the first night we walked down to the beach to look around and there was a camel there. We got to ride camels into the sunset. It could not have been better if we planned it.

What is your favourite past time?

I am a huge StarWars, DC and Marvel geek. I love collecting comics and comic collectables and enjoying watching sci-fi films.

What’s your favourite film?

The Matrix and Dogma are my favourite films. The matrix because it was the star wars of its generation in regard to cinematography and Dogma because of the awesome writing by Kevin Smith… obviously Star wars is number one but that’s less of a film and more of a life choice.

What is your favourite joke?

Two goldfish are in a tank. One turns to other and says; “How do you drive this thing?”

Why should businesses use Creative Content Company?

I think businesses should use Creative Content Company because Hazel has a big heart and an understanding mind. She did not set up her business for the money. Hazel set up her business to help people in business, really help them.

If you want to more about our Corporate Events Supporter Dan Andrews then please feel free to drop him an email. Alternatively you can meet him at any of our corporate events including business exhibitions, company birthdays and polo events, to name a few.