As I have mentioned before, I am a member of 1Networking Midshires. One thing that I really like about the group is the ‘mastermind group’. This is ten minutes of the networking event where we meet in one room, a zoom room, and are asked a question. Remember my blog on being a list person? That’s where that question came from. This question was what you would stop, start and continue in business.

So, we meet every Tuesday at 12noon, online. We do the whole 1-minute pitch bit and answer a random question. This part is great as we get to know more about the person, as well as the business, which I love. Each member gets the opportunity to do a ten-minute presentation each week and we have breakout rooms for relationship builder sessions too.

However, in this blog post I wanted to talk about the mastermind session. We were asked the question about what you want to stop, start and continue in your business. For me this was a really tricky one. As I explained to my networking group, I have worked really hard over the last (nearly) 9 years developing my business. So, thinking about what to stop, start and continue wasn’t that easy.

Stop wise, I don’t want to stop anything. I am so proud of the business I have created and how far we have come. Honestly, I couldn’t think of a thing I wanted to stop, as everything I have done has created the business I own today. While it isn’t very ‘British’ to blow your own trumpet, I feel I have to on this point.

Now the start. Sarah joined the team over a year ago and we had a really vague list of job responsibilities for her. I need to take the time out to utilise her better. Sarah has some amazing skills. But sadly, I haven’t got around to using them or her to their potential. This is definitely something I want to start doing.

Continue is an easy one. I want to continue exactly as I am. If my business could be exactly the same in 9 years as it is today, I would be really happy. Like I say, in an un-British way; I love what I have created and am so proud of it.

So, what do you want to stop start and continue in your business?

If you’re looking for a networking group that offers questions like this to ponder on, then why not come along as my guest to 1Networking some time? It’s every Tuesday, online, between 12noon and 1.30pm. I would love to see you there sometime – and who knows what questions we will discuss.