Here at the Creative Content Company we love a list. Hazel has one long list that she creates at the start of the month. Dan loves a list, but his is only written in pencil. Angela adores pen and paper – she even has a paper diary!!!

Meanwhile, Sarah is a fan of lists too, but often has lists everywhere as Hazel passes on bits and pieces that need to be done in various orders and at different times. How about you, are you a list person?

I attend 1Networking Midshires. We meet every Tuesday at 12noon for around 90 minutes. It’s all done via Zoom, which is perfect for me. The networking event is made up of various parts. We do our 60 second pitches, we have 10 minute spotlight talks and 15 minute 1-2-1s with each other too. There is also a session where each member gets to ask a question. Recently the question asked was; are you a list person?

Personally, I love one! At the start of each month I write a list of all the social media pages I need to post on. I then do a separate list with all the blog posts that need to be written that month. I work through the social media accounts in the order I write them down, ticking them off as I go.

If I start one and don’t finish it that day then I will mark the date I have scheduled posts up to on my list. Once all the social media posts are scheduled I move onto the blogs and pre-booked content. I see how many blogs and pages of content need writing and divide it by the amount of working days left that month.

The great thing about the list for me is being able to tick things off. It also means I can see how far I have come and how far I have to go. I don’t start a fresh one when lots are crossed off as it means I can’t see what I have done. Instead I can only see what I have left. I have little treats for myself when things are crossed off too. Like when I have written two blogs I can have a cup of coffee. If I do 4 blogs I can play a game on my phone. 

The list along with the treats are little things that keep me going and help me stay motivated. So, are you a list person? How do they work for you?