Here at Creative Content Company, we have literally been pounding new clients. This might sound scary or threatening, but we can assure you it isn’t. In fact, it’s quite stress relieving and very enjoyable. This is especially the case when it is done alongside a track or two from The Greatest Showman musical.

Are you feeling a bit lost about where this is going? Feeling concerned about becoming a new client in case we pound you? Let me tell you more.

Five weeks ago, I joined my local exercise class. It was called Pound. We get 2 green drumsticks and basically bash the hell out of them and the floor. Sometimes I manage to bash my face too, but the less said about that the better. It’s a brilliant exercise class, brilliant music and a superb stress-reliever. It definitely leaves me gross and sweaty too, but I leave feeling fantastic.

So, how does this lead to pounding new clients?

A company in Yaxley worked with a social media company in Peterborough. The social media company chose to put their costs up by around £100 a month. The company in Yaxley didn’t want to pay this extra cost, so they looked online for another social media posting company. On googling in the local area, they found us.

As with many consumers, they checked out our About page. On this page we had photos of the team. The person from the company in Yaxley recognised Hazel from her Pound class in Hampton. This was what sealed the deal for her and made her choose to contact us. She had met Hazel and liked her. So, she called us to find out more. But, due to the about us page, that first step of the relationship building was done for us.

This is why an About Us page is so important and how valuable it can be for your business. The about page is your chance to show who you are. It shows why you are different and why people should choose you.

If you need help writing the About Page, call our team now. Our content writers in Peterborough will get the details from you about your business and create the engaging content for that page for you.