The about page will be one of the most popular pages on your website. This is because your potential clients and customers want to know who you are. By having a look at this section of the website, and finding out more about you they can make sure that you are the right business for them. It’s only normal that consumers will want to know who they are spending their hard-earned cash with.

However, the about page is the hardest part to write on your website. It goes against everything we are used to doing. The about page is the hardest page to write because you need to show off, brag and admit that you really are awesome. This makes many of us feel uncomfortable and awkward.

So, why not outsource the content for this web content?

While the about page is the hardest page to write for you. It isn’t the hardest for us to write. We just need a little bit of information from you. Then, we can create the content for this area for you. Whether you are a one-person or a small team of professionals, we can help create the content for this part to sell you and your business in the best possible light.

When you ask us to complete the content for this page for your website, we will send you a few questions to answer. These will help us better understand you, your values and your business. You can then go through the questions in your own time and answer as many or as few as you would like.

  • We will send you similar questions to the following:
  • Why was the business set up and when?
  • Who are your target audience and why?
  • Overview of the business
  • Have you won any awards / have accreditations?
  • What makes you different from the rest?
  • Why are you awesome?

If you have a team that you would like to talk about on your website too, then we will ask you to get your team to answer the following questions.

  • Name, Job Title and Time with Company
  • Why they love their job and working for company
  • What they do in their spare tip
  • Industry relevant tip 

You just need to send us these answers and we will create some engaging and SEO friendly website content for your about page. The about page is no longer the hardest page to write. This is because our website content writers can write it for you.