We will be attending the June Business Booth Networking event on Tuesday 11th June at Peterborough Greyhounds Stadium. The event runs from 10am til 1pm and is unlike any other networking event or business exhibition you have attended.

Each business, often over 100 just so you know, will have a table to set up from 10am. Once the table is set up you can walk round and meet the other businesses that have attended. There are no members of the general public or visitors at these events. It is for exhibitors only.

A stand at the June Business Booth Networking is from around £15 for a small table, up to £40. Alternatively you can sponsor the event and have your branding literally everywhere.

We have been attending the Business Booth Networking events for around 18 months now. We couldn’t attend the first one, another one we were on holiday for. Apart from that we have attended every single business booth networking event in Peterborough.

For the October event we booked 11 stands and took 10 of our local clients along to the business booth event so they could promote their own business. Our guests found the event to be really useful too. However, the unique layout and program of the event is definitely something that you need to get used to.

I would recommend that you attend the June Business Booth Networking event on Tuesday 11th June. The cost is lower than most of your standard networking events and you will meet a lot more people too.

My top tip is to remember to bring your table cloth! However you’ll also want to bring some business cards, flyers and some marketing goodies too. If there are two people or more in your business definitely bring 2 or more people so you can have one person at the stand and one person walking round.

You may not have strong conversations at the event itself so make you follow up on leads. You’ll be surprised at how well this low-cost event could work for your business.