On Tuesday 19th June I will be attending Peterborough Greyhounds for Business Booth Networking; this is the third time I have had a stand at this event and I would not keep returning if it wasn’t worth it. It’s like a mini business exhibition and the only reason I say mini is because of the length of time the event is on.

Unlike a traditional business exhibition that lasts the day and you go home exhausted, this event lasts for just a few hours; this means you can do your follow-ups later that day. There are still loads of businesses there and they are local businesses too so you really can network with those in your local business community.

A stand is lots cheaper than at a larger business exhibition as it’s a shorter event so lots of businesses that may not be able to afford a large exhibition are able to attend so there are lots of familiar and unfamiliar faces in the room too.

You don’t need to worry about bringing your own table, because you will have a stand ready made for you, it’s the standard greyhound racing tables of a rectangle table and sofas round the side so the perfect size for any marketing bits you may have including pens, business cards, flyers and such like.

There are different stands available at different costs; I don’t have any huge sample products or need a large space so I go for the standard stand size and this works perfectly for me. There are ore of the standard size stands too so you certainly won’t be alone.

You also get a list of all the attendees afterwards, so anyone you do miss you can catch up with after the event. It’s a fab event that is well worth attending if you’re looking to network with local people in business, want to improve your brand awareness locally or you want to experience the thrill of a business exhibition without the huge cost and long day!

I will be there; the brand colours are orange, blue and green so you should be able to spot us my stand easily. Hope you’ll be able to pop by and say Hello.