As you may know, Hazel of Creative Content Company is on the Peterborough Sports Club Lunch and SportsAid Peterborough committee.

As a charity we run 4 events a year with guest speakers who are well known in the sports world. Attendees buy tickets that covers the cost of a 2 course lunch, guest speaker and makes a profit for the charity.

The money we raise then goes to local talented children in sports to help sponsor their accommodation. This includes things like when staying away, a sports coach, kit and equipment and more.

We currently have a reasonably large sum of money for these young talented people in sports. So we decided to sponsor an award at Peterborough Telegraph Sports Awards. This would increase our brand awareness and let people know that we have funding available for them.

An amazingly talented sporting junior called Freddie Frasier won the award that we sponsored. We look forward to seeing him at a Peterborough Sports Club Lunch soon. Then we can give him a donation towards his sporting career.

However, now to the bit about my sports award. And please note, I had enjoyed a glass of wine, or two by this point!

There was a sports award for Unsung Hero in the sporting world of Peterborough. We heard the story of three fantastic finalists. Simon Potter won the award and it was very well deserved. But, he was unable to attend so my committee colleague took the award on his behalf, to pass on.

Remember, I had enjoyed a glass of wine by this point.

I thought it would be funny to get a selfie of me and the award. I carefully placed my fingers over the name of the winner and posted it on Facebook. My friends and family, who have all known me a very long time and know me very well – were all congratulating me on my well deserved success.

Now, if you don’t know me this may not sound unusual. After all I do a lot for charities and organisations outside of work, but that is about it. These finalists literally lived and breathed sports and helping people in sports.

I do not have a sporting bone in my body. I have not enjoyed sports since I was in Primary School – and I’m not entirely sure I remember enjoying it then either. If I am unsung sporting hero, I can assure you it is incredibly unsung, even to myself!

So I thought I best come clean; but also explain to you how easy it is to create fake news….(especially after a glass of wine!)