Here at Creative Content Company we wanted to give a little something back. During lockdown we have been playing a lot of virtual bingo. It’s been a really good laugh and very enjoyable. We trialled a charity bingo event around the middle of 2020 and it was very successful. As our way of giving something back, we have decided to run some more in 2021.

But how can your business support our chosen charities? Well, we have some sponsorship options available;

There are 2 options; we need £50 sponsorship for each bingo event and 2x £35 Amazon Vouchers for each event. So, three opportunities per bingo event.

Event Sponsor – £50

As event sponsor we will mention your business name on all communication to attendees. Your logo and website will be shared on the event page, with a small write-up about your business, your business name and link to the website will be included in the blog for the event. The charity will tag you in a post on social media. You will also be mentioned and thanked on the night and get 1 free ticket for the bingo event (This is as a minimum).

Prize Giver – £25 Amazon Voucher

We are playing two rounds of bingo at each event and will need a £25 Amazon voucher for a full house on both games; however, you can donate one prize or two. As the prize giver you will be mentioned on the Facebook event page, thanked by the charity, mentioned on the night and tagged into the blog post. To play, you will need to purchase your own ticket at £5.

Please let me know if you would like to sponsor or donate a £25 Amazon voucher and for which charity / month. The chosen charities for the next three months are as follows;

  • January – Peterborough Winter Night Shelter / The Garden House
  • February – Peterborough Reads / The National Literacy Trust
  • March – Little Miracles

Thank you so much, in advance, for taking the time to read about how your business can support our chosen charities. I hope to hear from you soon.