We were thrilled when we got an email from Sam Hale of Advance Performance to say that she would like to get involved in VisionShift again, but we wanted to know what it was about this community project that made her sign up last year and why she wanted to come along again this year and this is what Sam had to say;

What made you sign up for VisionShift last year?

I realise just how lucky I am to have a secure and happy life which has put me in a good position to run a business and hopefully run it well.  Life hasn’t been as good to others as youngsters – they maybe don’t have the security of a family or have to deal with other issues which sets them off on a wrong path in life.  I try and see positive in everything and if I can inspire and support others to turn their lives around then I will do what I can to help.

What did you get out of the event last year / what was the best thing about it?

I found the day very fulfilling.  I found most residents wanted to make changes to their lives and they had some great ideas.  Being released from Prison really must be a turning point for them – a real now or never moment to either return to their former life and potentially return to Prison.  Alternatively if we can all do our bit to nurture, support and believe in them, it may just be the catalyst to become a different, better person.  I enjoyed meeting all kinds of people, each with their own story, and I felt that they just wanted people to believe in them and help them to find a way to make some changes.  Of course, this wasn’t everyone I met, but I was surprised and inspired that it was the majority.

Why have you signed up for Visionshift this year?

I found the whole day very inspiring and interesting and it was very enjoyable to speak with the residents about my own business and to be able to offer some hope to them that people believed in them and would help them.  I can’t wait to be involved again.

Why should other businesses sign up to VisionShift?

Taking time out from your own business, no matter how busy you are, will not only help others – it will actually inspire you.  It was a really positive experience in lots of different ways.

If you, like Sam, would like to get involved in this great community project in Peterborough then please email [email protected]