TikTok is experiencing mass popularity. This doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. TikTok has grown like wildfire and is still growing in popularity. In this blog post we look at why now is the time your business should be on TikTok. However, only if it is right for your business and you can be consistent.

So why is now the time that your business should be on TikTok?

  • Recent studies by Statista show that TikTok users watch over 167 million hours of content in a sample one minute of the app. Could it be your content that they are watching?
  • Sensortower also completed some research on TikTok. They found that the total number of app installations of TikTok is over 3 billion. Reckon your customers could be in that 3 billion?
  • TikTok is currently available around the world in more than 141 countries. It is among the top 50 apps in most countries too, according to research by appTrace.com. Are you looking to grow your business or brand awareness overseas? Maybe this could be the way.
  • The largest age bracket of TikTok users is the under 30 years old. This age bracket holds 35% of the global users of TikTok. How does this affect your marketing? Is your target age range for your business marketing?
  • TikTok can earn people money too. The most popular TikTok account has 136.3million fans. This account has earned the TikTok star around USD 17.5 million, as per the Forbes report. Have you considered how a TikTok account could make your business more money, as well as more awareness for your brands?

It’s important to remember that TikTok is a relatively new platform. The platform is extremely focused on gaining more users than making money from users. As a business, you need to keep this in mind. For the time being, if you feel that your business should on TikTok now then you need a content only strategy. Your goal is to garner maximum reach in a short duration.

This is something that the social media marketers at Creative Content Company can help you with. We can create videos and content for your TikTok account. This can then be shared on social media pages too. Want to see examples of what we do for businesses on TikTok? Call our team now.