Case study copywriting is a huge ‘must’ for businesses. Through case study copywriting you are able to demonstrate what your business delivers for your customers. This is done through sharing the great stories of your successes.

We help many businesses with the service of case study copywriting. As your case study copywriters, we can research your client or customer and write the case study for you. This includes speaking to your client about why they used your business, what problems they faced and how you overcame them. We can then obtain approval from the customer mentioned in the case study to ensure they are happy with the final copy.

The great things about case studies is that they are incredibly versatile. They can be used in so many different ways to benefit your business. You can use the case studies as an additional page on your website. This could be linked to from the About page, individual service pages and your testimonials page. A case study could also be used as a blog post.

However, a cast study can be used off-line too. It’s a great thing to leave with a potential client after having a meeting with them. You could also send a relevant industry case study with a quote to a potential client. It would show the potential client how you helped a business just like them. A good quality case study is excellent supporting evidence to go alongside your bids and tenders.

Here at Creative Content Company, we have written numerous case studies for our clients. We have a standard form that we can send to our clients, or straight to their clients. Alternatively, we will talk on the phone or via zoom with our client’s customer to really create the best possible case study.

If you need case study copywriting for your business to boost trust, awareness and relationships – call our team of case study copywriters now. Or you can book a free, online meeting via Zoom.