Here at the Creative Content Company we blog regularly. By regular blogging we mean we are uploaded a new blog post at least once every other day. Sometimes more, if there is some latest or breaking news that needs to be shared immediately.

We would always recommend blogging regularly. By this we mean one blog post a month as a minimum, but ideally once a week, every week.

But why should you blog regularly for your business?

  • If you don’t blog regularly it is presumed that you or your business is dead. This is especially the case if you have been blogging regularly and been an active blogger and then all of a sudden stopped.
  • You should be blogging regularly to help answer frequently asked questions. These are questions that people ask you on social media or when they meet you. By writing blogs on a regular basis answering these questions you will be able to forward a link to the blog next time you are asked.
  • By creating a blog posts regularly you can increase your digital footprint. This is through increasing pages on the website. Also bettering your SEO, and search engine ranking for chosen keywords.
  • If you upload blogs regularly it will give you more ‘stuff’ to share. Especially through newsletters, vlogs, social media posts and more.
  • By regular blogging you are competing with bigger brands that were previously at the top of the search engines, miles from you. These are now close to you in search engine rankings as you are blogging more and increasing your SEO.
  • Regular blogs also give you the chance to show your target audience what you know. Also position yourself as an industry expert. This is never a bad thing as a business owner!

If you need help with regular blogging for your business then why not contact us directly.

We can create one-off blog posts for you to fill the gaps when you’re on holiday or don’t have time to blog. Or we can create weekly or monthly blog posts for you too.