Have you been told you need to start doing newsletters? Maybe you have a subscribe button on your website, but nothing has happened with it since people have subscribed? Perhaps it’s something that you have always wanted to do, but never quite get around to doing it – for various reasons. In this blog post we look at why you need a clear vision for your newsletter. You may even find that not having a clear vision for your newsletter is what is holding you back from getting started.

Before starting your email newsletter marketing campaign, you need to think about your newsletter. What are your goals and desired outcomes from it? This is why you need a clear vision for your newsletter. That way you know what you want, and you can plan how you will get it. It’s important that you define your objectives. This will help you create a clear vision for your email newsletter.

While you may know that you need a clear vision for your email marketing campaign, it is often hard to know where to start. Why not try thinking about the primary purpose of your email newsletter? Do you want your newsletter campaign to inform your target audience? Or would you prefer it to educate them, or promote your business?

It’s important that you think about the type of content that you want to share in your newsletters too. Will you be sharing top tips? Perhaps you want to share special offers or promotions? Maybe it will be full of articles or links to blog posts? Perhaps you would prefer it was just a newsletter to update your target audience, customers or potential customers?

When creating a vision for your email newsletter campaign you need to think about how frequently you want to engage with them too. This really depends on your business and the buying cycle of your customer. For example, people won’t buy a new car every month so weekly newsletters might not be ideal for car sales companies. However, if you are a café or venue with upcoming events, then monthly or even weekly newsletters could be ideal for you.

You need a clear vision for your newsletter, so you know what actions you want your audience to take. Maybe you want them to contact you to find out more? Perhaps your goal is for them to purchase something immediately? Maybe you want them to read your email newsletter and follow you on social media or watch your videos on TikTok. When you know what you want your audience to do when they get your email, you can better plan your email newsletter.

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