You may not have a client that needs content now, but you might do in the future. One of the great things about web designers partnering with content writers now is that you are prepared and ready to go. This will enable you to effectively merge your web design service with their copy writing service.

As a web designer, you may put together a quote with an itemised list of what is included, add-ons and a breakdown of the costs. Web designers should partner with content writers now, because they will have what they need ready for a quote where content may be needed. If content isn’t included the client may go elsewhere to a web designer that can offer the design of the website and the web copy too.

There are two ways that web designers can partner with content writers. You can provide quotes to clients and include the content as a non-negotiable. By including copywriting as part of the website total cost, it means that everything is included. The client is happy as they know the total costs. You, as the website designer are happy as you have included the mark-up on the website content. The client will see the total cost and be able to compare this to other web designers too. This could help speed up their decision on choosing you as their web design team.

Web designers should partner with content writers now so they can discuss how they like to work. Maybe you want the content before the website layout is considered? Perhaps you prefer to create the look of the website first. From this, the content writer can then create the content to fit the layout for the client. You’ll also know the price they charge and how much you can add to it as a mark-up for yourself.

If a client has come to you about the redesign of their website, a strong content strategy is a huge part of this. It will be fundamental in the success of the website redesign. It is important that you make your client aware of that. You could even include it in the quote, so the client understands this.

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