How does your business grow? Where do you get most of your clients and customers from? Here at Creative Content Company, we are nearly 10 years old. Most of our clients have come through online marketing, networking and word of mouth. All these things have helped to grow the business and boost our brand awareness. So, when I came across PlanIT Monday networking group, I knew I had to give it a go.

So, I have only been attending the PlanIT Monday networking group a few weeks. However, I already love it. It’s online, every Monday morning from 9am until 10am. It’s a varied group of people with some attending each week, some every few weeks and other new faces. The event is hosted by a guy called Nick who keeps us all in order – well he tries anyway!

The group meets on Zoom. This is great for me as I can enjoy the group from the comfort of my own office, with my favourite Beanies coffee. It is also free to attend, and you don’t HAVE to attend every week. I think this makes the attendees more varied and the conversations more interesting too.

I am a strong believe that ‘people buy people’. The PlanIT Monday networking group means that I get to know the people behind the business. We briefly introduce ourselves and talk about our business. After that, it’s all about whatever is on people’s minds. There has been a lot of different topics including Chat GPT along with how to tell other the benefits of your service or product when it’s cheaper elsewhere. There have also been chats about taking vegetables out on a hen party and if custard should be eaten cold out of the can – I say No!

It’s a really nice group of friendly people in business. There is no hard sell, and the informal style of the event puts off those hard sellers too. Instead, you just introduce yourself and just chat. This means you get to know people and they get to know you. I believe this is far more likely to lead to referrals in the future – as opposed to going into the same room with the same people each week and just selling at them!

Fancy giving PlanIT Monday networking group a try? It can be found on Eventbrite, or you can drop me an email and I will send you the link.