It’s always important to keep your finger on the pulse, whatever industry you are in. If you are a gym owner, fitness instructor or personal trainer – you need to blog about calisthenics now. Gladiators was on over the weekend, and it was watched by around 6 million viewers. During the 1-hour program calisthenics was mentioned on at least three different occasions. This is why, as a fitness instructor, personal trainer or gym owner you need to blog about calisthenics now.

People will have seen how incredibly well Dev took on all the challenges in the show. He showed pure brute determination and focus. However, he also showed skills in all areas. This was often put down to his calisthenics training. The commentator even said, as Dev was striding ahead in the eliminator that you could see the calisthenics training coming into play.

Dev was introduced at the beginning of the show, as all contenders are. During his ‘home footage’ and introduction he mentioned that he used calisthenics as his training. In my house, my family immediately said, ‘what is calisthenics?’. This was answered in the program moments later. However, in the meantime people were looking on Google to find out more.

So many people are watching Gladiators each Saturday night with the family. This means that those ‘water cooler’ conversations will be around the weekend and this program. Calisthenics is likely to pop up in conversation. The more it’s spoken about, the more people will want to know more.

Whether viewers of The Gladiators want to become contenders themselves or just improve their overall health, they will be looking calisthenics training near them. This is why fitness instructors, gym owners and personal trainers need to blog about calisthenics now. People are in your local area want to find out more and get involved. By having a blog on this topic, you can be the person that they find out more from. They could be your newest client.

Your blog can cover a wide range of calisthenics topics. You can watch Gladiators back and pick out all the points where the training came in helpful. Maybe share simple calisthenic exercises that readers can try at home. Talk about sessions you run and the importance of calisthenics within them. Look at the benefits and advantages of calisthenics now and in the future.

Think about what your target audience would want to know, after watching The Gladiators this weekend. Drop us a line to let us know and we can write the blog post for you. The content will be unique to your business and can be shared wherever you want, under your name. This could include your website, flyers, social media, newsletters, posters, videos and more.