One of the questions that we are asked more than any other question is “who do you recommend?”. This is often the question we are asked by people looking for a new website. More recently a client of ours was paying too much for their hosting and website management. Just like with any other purchases, it’s okay to shop around. You want to get the best deal for you, and the best level of service for your business too.

So, when it comes to the question of “who do you recommend for all things websites?” our answer is always the same. While we may give 2-3 recommendations, there is one recommendation that we will always give. We always recommend Kevin Blackledge. He is the website manager and hosting company of our own business website. He designed and managed a website for my personal use too – the wedding website for 2022.

When asked who do you recommend for all things websites, Kevin Blackledge will always be one because he has never let us down. He has created a number of websites for different clients. Every time, the client comes back to us, and they can’t praise him enough for his skills, level of work, price and attitude. This is why we will continue recommended him.

Recently one of our clients needed 2 new pages added to the website. Kevin hadn’t created the website for the client, but he was happy to add these pages on. The client had a tight deadline and Kevin met it with ease. This meant the client was over the moon with their website, happy with Kevin and happy with us too.

More recently we had an issue uploading a new blog post to the website. When it comes to technology issues like this can occur. While it pains me to admit it – sometimes it may be down to ‘user error’ at our end. However, within just 10 minutes on a late Monday afternoon Kevin had fixed the issue. We don’t know what magic he used. But once again, we were pleased to be in his safe hands.

If you are asked, who do you recommend for websites – please know that Kevin has our stamp of approval. However, if you are asked who you recommend for website content, maybe drop our name into the mix. We haven’t let a client down in over 10 years and don’t intend to start doing so anytime soon.