As regular readers will know, every month we complete a ‘What To Post’ blog for the month ahead to help small business owners think outside the box about what they should write. Social Media is about being social – not sell sell sell which is something many small business owners fall foul to when they first start up their own businesses.

So, let’s look at some September themed posts for you to use on your social media platforms.

Back To School

We all know that the media in September is full of ‘Back to School’ adverts so why not jump on that band wagon? If you sell things for children, you sell holidays to families, you help business owners that have children – think of any way you can use the ‘Back to School’ media to promote your business this September.

Shameless Promotion Month

September is known as shameless promotion month, if you sell to businesses encourage them to tweet shameless self promotion tweets and you will retweet the most cringe worthy tweet. Make sure you use the hashtag #ShamelessPromotionMonth to help other followers understand.

National Dog Week

It’s National Dog Week from 20th – 26th September, encourage your fans and followers to share photos of them and their dogs. People love their dogs and they are always happy to show them off. However ugly their dog may be, make sure you compliment it.

Hug Your Boss Day

4th September is Hug Your Boss Day, take a photo of you and your team ‘hugging the boss’ and encourage your followers to do the same. It will be a giggle and will quickly spread across social media platforms as a ‘fun thing to do’ and something that people want to be part of.

Roald Dahl Day

As a very personal addition to this blog post, the 13th September is Roald Dahl day – ask your followers to share the name of their favourite Roald Dahl book. This was always my favourite author as a child.

When it comes to social media it’s important that you think outside the box, be a little bit crazy and stand out from the crowd to ensure a successful social media presence.