We create a blog post each month giving you ideas of what you can post on your business social media for the month ahead; they are engaging ideas that are out of the box and will help increase engagement with your followers, fans and connections.

They should also be used using your own words and company / brand tone but also used to help get those creative juices flowing so you can come up with your own ideas of posts for social media. Don’t forget to use the national week / day as the hashtag to engage with others talking about the same topic.

  • The 4th – 10th March is Celebrate Your Name Week; this could be a great chance to talk about your company name, where your company name for, how you created it and also as a chance to celebrate what your company offers and believes in. This could be a blog post that you link back to with a caption each day of the week or just a status each day discussing a different part of the above.
  • International Brain Awareness Week is the 12th – 18th March, you could use this as a chance to engage with your connections through daily brain teasers, or perhaps parts of a brain teaser each day with the answer on the final day of the week.
  • 3rd March is Simplify Your Life Day and a great way to promote your services and how they can simplify the life of your customer or client / target audience.
  • The 3rd March is also I Want You To Be Happy Day so why not offer an incredible discount or freebie with each order for that day only?
  • Companies That Care Day falls on 15th March so why not talk about how you care for your employees, your customers and clients or even the local community – a great chance to show how great you are, without it coming across as boasting.
  • Another chance to reward your clients is the 19th March – Clients Day. We all see great offers for ‘new customers only’ so why not go against the trend and offer something to existing clients only to show them how much their business and support means to you?

As we said, these are just some ideas of things you can post on business social media platforms in March; if you need help with brainstorming or you would like some more social media post ideas for your business then please contact us directly.