We are back again with some tips, pointers and ideas of inspiration so you can come up with posts for your social media profiles. These are just ideas to get your creative juices flowing, you can use the dates and special day and come up with your own posts or you can use our post ideas and come up with some of your own social media posts too!

Firstly January is the month of New Year’s Resolutions so why not ask your fans and followers what their New Year’s Resolutions are or maybe share your own resolutions for your own business. As we have said before, by sharing things about you it makes it easier for you people to connect and engage with you and your business.

It’s also National Hot Tea Month so why not ask people how they take their tea, this is a great way to get chatting but you could also make a note of their hot drink choices on your CRM system and then next time they come in you can make their hot drink just the way they like it. They will feel like royalty that you’ve remembered.

January is also National Walk Your Dog Month, I’m not a dog owner but I presumed you had to walk your dog every day of every month but for some reason January has been made the national month of walking your dog so we best make the most of it. Ask your fans and followers to share photos of walking the dog and offer a prize for the best dog walking photo – this works really well if your business can fit with this month. For example if you’re a dog groomer, a vet, a pet supplies store or even an outdoor clothing store that is popular with dog walkers.

17th – 23rd January is National Hunt for Happiness Week, why not get sharing happy photos that will make people smile. With Christmas a distant memory in our minds but still very much remembered by our bank accounts, yet gloomy and cold weather your fans and followers will love that you’re taking the time to cheer them up.

12th January is National Poetry at Work Day – why not write a poem about your work, asks fans and followers to write a poem about your business or their own work. Maybe even offer a prize to the best poem that is shared?