Here at Creative Content Company we get a lot of business through recommendations, from a selection of existing clients, previous clients and networking contacts. Why do people recommend us? We would like to think they do so because they like us and think we are good at what we do but maybe they also do it because they know we offer a good referral scheme.

We give our contacts one free blog post per month, for every month the lead / referral they gave us spends £100. This saves them up to £35 a month and gives them a monthly blog that will keep their website fresh and up to date, which helps with SEO, makes Google love them and helps them rank higher on search engines so their target market can find them.

However, if they send us four leads and they all pay more than £100 a month we will provide the company with 4 free blog posts a month which is the ideal amount of blogs you need to keep your website fresh, updated and SEO friendly.

We also offer a lower price service for companies like SEO companies or web designers who send us lots of work or want to resell our service so they can make a mark up on our service they are selling to the customer; meaning that they make money by using our services.

But what referral schemes do you offer?

I was in a meeting the other day with a web designer in Peterborough, she was saying that she passes lots of leads to a company but has never had anything in return, once she had a thank you in an email, but no wine, chocolates, commission or money off the service that she purchases from them? This has left her with a bad taste in her mouth and she is now wondering if she should be what she feels is cheeky and approach them about a possible referral scheme or if she should just pass the leads elsewhere.

The worrying fact of the matter is, if you do not show your gratitude for the work that is passed your way by recommendations and word of mouth you could end up losing those leads all together!