We have recently been working for a website that is like a directory, it is a comparison site for various businesses within the industry, this industry is removals and it was our job to write over 200 pages of SEO friendly content about what each removals company can do and the services they offer, such as packing, piano removals, international moves and of course… removals!

However, around a 1 in 3 of the websites I had to get content from did not state they were a removals company or that they did removals. I knew they did because my client had told me, but if I was a customer looking for a removals company I would think they just did packing, piano moves, etc – I wouldn’t know they did house or office moves!

It got me thinking, how many other businesses struggle with this… the results were worrying. I looked at hundreds of websites from different industries and very few actually said what they did. For example there was a bookkeeper, her company included the word bookkeeper, but nowhere in here services did it say she did bookkeeping?

Of course I am slightly bias, but I think my website has got it sussed. We have a services page that lists the three main services that we offer and these can be clicked on to find out more, but we also have drop down boxes of the individual services we offer and it is these that are great for SEO.

Having a page marked ‘services’ is brilliant for usability, it means the user can click on the services tab and be presented with a page that lists all the services, this is where some businesses stop and that’s fine, as long as they have clearly stated the services they offer – all of them!

However, to make Google LOVE your website you need to have separate services pages, this means when someone searches for packing services in Peterborough they will get directed straight to that page, the same for piano removals, house moves, office relocations and so on.

Now, take a minute to look at your website… does your service page(s) clearly explain the services you offer? If not you may need the help of our content writers!