Here at Creative Content Company we are blog writers and copy writers in Peterborough; we write blogs for businesses of different industries. These blog posts promote them as a business, as well as their services or products, they share latest achievements and news and things like that.

However, when speaking to businesses that don’t yet use us for blogs, we are often asked what a blog is, why they need a blog post, what they need to give us for their blog post and what to do with the blog post when we give it to them.

So, we thought we would answer exactly that in this blog post!

What is A Blog Post?

A blog post is like an article that goes on your website, it is around 300-600 words usually and includes the keywords and search terms you want to be found for on Google.

Why Do You Need A Blog Post?

A blog post helps the SEO ranking of your website, meaning that you can be found on search engines like Google for things you think people search to find you – for example, plumber in Peterborough, hairdresser in Hertfordshire or web designer in Warwick.

It also gives you a regular update for your website to keep your website looking fresh to visitors of your website and Google too.

What We Need To Write Your Blog Post?

We have over 8 years experience writing blog posts for a wide range of industries; from franking machines to oven cleaners, virtual assistants to packaging companies. You can give us as little or as much as you want to create your web content.

Some clients give us just their company name and industry, others give us a word or term they want to be found for on Google, while others may send us a link to an article they like the sound of, bullet points for a blog or a title / subject idea. Whatever you give us for your blog, we can work with it and create a high quality blog post for you.

What Can You Do With Your Blog Post?

The first thing you should do is add a blog section to your website, or ask your web designer to do it for you, then add our content to there. You can then upload the content as an article on LinkedIn and link back to your website for the reader to ‘read more blog posts like this’, you can share snippets on social media platforms every few days and include a link back to the article.

You can send the blog to local magazines and ask if they would like to publish it in their magazines too.

If you think you’d like a blog post for your business but you’d like us to be your bloggers then just drop us a line; we’d be happy to help you create blogs for your business.