Our turnaround time is one of the most frequently asked questions here at Creative Content Company. The potential client has our price, they’ve seen our work and they love what we do. Now they want to get started. However, first they want to know how long it will take and what our turnaround time is.

It made sense that we wrote a blog post about our turnaround time to help potential clients understand how we work. As well as how we manage the work!

We have regular clients that use us for social media management every single month. At the beginning of the month we schedule all their work for the month ahead.

The next load of work we do are all the clients that have regular twice weekly, weekly and monthly blog posts. We write all the blog posts for our clients that have those regular blog posts from us every month. We aim to get all monthly clients work to them by 14th of the month.

Next we do the work that has been pre-booked. These are the articles and blog requests that have been sent to us in advance, but the client wants them completed in an upcoming month. We aim to get these done by the 14th of the month, but we often state 21st of the month as we have a lots of monthly clients.

Then we do the work that comes in during the month that wasn’t pre-booked or we didn’t know about to expect. That said we have clients that need work urgently completed. In cases like this they will mark their emails with ‘urgent’ and we will see if we can squeeze their work in sooner.

Whenever we get a new client we will always give them an expected date that they will get the work from us. As much as possible we will send the content to the client well before the date stated.

If you have some work you need us to do for you, then contact us now for a turnaround time and we will be happy to help. If it’s urgent then let us know, we may be able to get it done sooner for you, but it could mean you pay a premium for quick delivery.