What are you paying for? Do you really know?

I recently met with a business owner who was using another company for her website, social media and blogging but wondered if it could be improved on. She told me she was paying ‘mates rates’ so was aware I would cost more, but she was happy to hear what I said I could do.

What Was She Paying:

She was paying over £350 for 2 posts on 4 social media platforms, every day for a month. She was paying for SEO, website management and blogging.

What Was She Getting:

The company she was using had posted 7 times, total, in 2 months. On asked what SEO meant (eg: what were they doing) she was unsure, and the same for website management. Blogging had not started yet, but was being paid for.

For those that know me, I am a chatty person and could probably talk for England, but I was speechless, shocked and astounded.

Yet, this wasn’t the first time I had come across something like this. So often people are bamboozled with words like ‘SEO’ and ‘website management’ and they believe or trust that the company will do this ‘wizardry’. But it really isn’t wizardry, nor should it be. Business owners are sometimes afraid to ask a question in case they look silly.

Here at Creative Content Company we use simple terms to make sure everyone understands exactly what we are talking about, what we mean and what they are paying us for. And crazy as it may sound… we then do what we promise.

If she was paying this amount to Creative Content Company, she would be one of our highest paying clients, and getting a lot more than what she is getting from this company. In fact for the services she needs we would be charging her a lot less too.

We spent the time showing the lady how to use Hootsuite, how to upload blogs onto WordPress (the platform her website was built in), and offered her one free ticket to our blogging workshop. We did these things for free, not to win her over, but to try and show her we are not all bad in the online world. But also because she had our sympathy, it is so easy to fall for ‘mates rates’.

What are you paying for?

If you’re not sure about what you’re getting for your money then ask the question, or shop around for quotes. Make sure you are not being ripped off.