As of Thursday 10th March we are now official members of Positive Networking, an exciting, positive and expanding networking group in Peterborough. This is the only paid membership networking group I am a member of and it’s a group I highly recommend to other business owners and people in business.

The best thing about Positive Networking is the guy that runs it! Mike Stokes runs Positive Networking, he is positive in his nature and knows everyone you need to know, it genuinely is a case of if he doesn’t know someone then they probably aren’t worth knowing. Mike is a prolific networker and incredible at what he does.

Another great thing about Positive Networking is that each week is different, on average every other week they have a guest speaker who will motivate and inspire – just remember to bring your notepads as you’ll want to take lots of notes. (Speaking of which, you get a professional black folder, notepad and pen when you join so you’ll have something with you to take notes on!).

The other week is more of an activity and these are excellent ways of looking at your business, your pitch and what you do. For example you have to tell someone what you do and then they have to present on your behalf about your business and that is your chance to see how well you have got your message across. There is also another activity that is like Chinese whispers and again shows how well your message travels.

In Peterborough the networking events run every other week on a Thursday and you get a buffet style meal and tea or coffee along with some incredible networking opportunities with around 40+ businesses.

Even when you join this group it is extremely good value for money, less than £40 a month for associate membership and this includes the food and drink so it really is a group to consider joining.

If you would like to come along one week I would be happy to take you as my guest, just let me know when you are free and I will book you a space at Positive Networking in Peterborough – I hope to see you there soon!