Social media is a great place for businesses to engage with consumers and their target audience. However, consumers don’t want to talk to businesses. They want to talk to people. It’s important that you find ways to be you on social media this February. This way consumers can engage with your brand. In turn, this will help build a strong and trustworthy relationship between you and the consumer too.

In this blog post we have shared some ways that you can be you on social media this February. We have taken some national days from the month ahead. Pick and choose the social media post ideas that you like. Feel free to use our ideas for ways to be you on social media this February. Alternatively, use the topics and come up with social media post ideas yourself.

National Sweater Day: 1 – Grab a photo of yourself or the team in sweaters. You don’t all have to be in the photo. Take the photo somewhere different or unusual to the standard office pose.

Wear Red Day: 2 – Just as with National Sweater Day, get the team in red. Whether it’s a red top, scarf or even socks. Grab a photo of the team showing off their red item. Make it fun. Social media doesn’t need to be serious.

National Ice Cream For Breakfast Day: 3 – Talking of not being serios, why not have ice cream for breakfast. It’s not the norm, but that’s okay!

World Nutella Day: 5 – why not have a bake-off. Get the team to make different things with Nutella as an ingredient. Get your audience to vote for their favourites online. Like the TV shows you could have the audience vote and the judges vote.

Wear Orange Day: 6 – Same as wear red day. Get your team to wear something orange and take a photo. Remember, it doesn’t need to be formal. Have a little fun with it.

National Pizza Day: 9 – Order pizza in for lunch or go for pizza after work. These photos of the team will make you more ‘real’ online. Alternatively, do a vote in the office about pineapple on pizza. Share the results online.,

Umbrella Day: 10 – Grab a photo of the team with their umbrellas. Don’t forget to take the photo outside though. We all know that opening umbrellas inside is bad luck.

Pancake Day: 13 – Instead of the standard post about how you like your pancake, why not jazz it up a bit? Have a pancake race or a pancake flipping competition. If you’re a small business or one-man band, link up with another business.

Random Acts of Kindness Day: 17 – Do what it says on the tin. It’s a random act of kindness. Do a random act of kindness. Take a photo and encourage your audience to do something kind too.

Love Your Pet Day: 20 – We have said it before, and we will say it again; the internet was made for cats. Take photos of your pets and the pets of the team. Share these online and watch the engagement roll in. Everyone loves a cute photo of a pet.

Rubber Ducky Day: 25 – Hide some rubber ducks around the office. Take a photo and ask your audience if they can spot the duck or how many ducks they can see. This kind of social media post works because it gets the audience engaged and they see what sort of business you are / what you sell too.

These are just some ways that you can be more you on social media this February. If you are looking for help posting on social media or managing your social media presence, call our social media marketers now. We will happily help you out for as long or as short of a time as you need us.