Here is your chance to kill three birds with one stone? Not literally of course, that would certainly be upsetting to a lot of people! I just meant I am giving you the opportunity to do three things you want to do – all at once.

If you have seen me about on social media and want to know more about me, then why not come to BNI Quantum. I am doing a 10 minute presentation and around 3 minutes will tell you who I am and what I do.

The next 7 minutes will be spent talking about blogging. I will be sharing how long a blog post should be, how often you should post blogs, where and why. I will also share some blog post ideas for free so you will be able to take some blogging tips and topics home with you – WOW!

Finally, if you just fancy networking with focused people in business, then BNI Quantum is for you. It’s a great group of business owners and people in business that are looking to grow their business. They know that by helping others grow their businesses, their own business will grow.

So, what will it cost to kill three birds with one stone? Just £10 and that will get you a delicious breakfast baguette too.

I will be doing my ten minute presentation on Thursday 30th January. Our network meeting begins from 6.40am and you’ll leave soon enough to be at work for 9am!

We normally charge £25 for 5 blog post ideas. I can guarantee that you will leave with more than 5 blog post ideas for your £10. On top of that you will get to network with professional business people and get a yummy breakfast too!

If you would like to come along and join us for a blogging presentation, yummy breakfast or high quality networking in Peterborough, drop me a line. I will book you on. I’ll even save you a seat nearby if you want? (or not if you’d prefer?)

Want to network or know more about me and blogging? Come along to BNI Quantum on 30th January.