I am currently donning a very large smile across my face. As you may have seen from previous blog posts and updates on social media, I was chosen as Notable Networker for January in BNI Quantum. I have only been a member of Peterborough BNI Quantum since the middle of November, so this is an amazing personal achievement.

So, what did I win the Notable Networker award for?

The certificate states that I was chosen as Notable Networker for outstanding contribution to the chapter.

When awarded the certificate and ‘title’ for the month I was very surprised. I definitely didn’t expect this after just 6 weeks as a member.

I was told it was because I had made a great effort in booking 1-2-1s, in inviting visitors and passing some referrals too. I was really pleased… but was I worthy?

It’s right, I have had 1-2-1s. While it’s a great chance for me to learn about the other business and how I can help them, there is another reason I would have a 1-2-1. It means I get to tell the person about my business, what I do and the sorts of referrals I am looking for too. So, in basic terms, I am having a 1-2-1 with other BNI members so I can grow my business.

I got an email from a business contact who was looking to connect with business owners and asked if I could help. I told her of course I could. For £10 I could introduce her to a room of awesome people in business where she could promote what she wanted. Did I do this to support the group? Not really, I did it more to help a friend in need.

Other friends have seen that I have joined BNI Quantum and want to more about it, so I have invited them along. Again, while it supports the group, it gives my friends, clients and contacts a chance to network with great people in business. It’s a win for the group and a win for my relationship with that person too.

Finally, referrals. I was contacted about writing some content for a new website. In the conversation they asked if I could recommend any web designers. As there is a web designer in the group who I have already had a 1-2-1 with, it was an easy decision. My potential client was happy, the web designer I recommended was happy and I was happy to have introduced them.

So, am I worthy for the Notable Networker for January award? Who knows – but I’m keeping the award anyway!