Here at Creative Content Company, we are super excited to be coming up to 9 successful years in business. Creative Content Company began on 23rd September 2013. 8 years and 11 months later, on the 23rd August 2022 we will be sharing the story of Hazel and the Creative Content Company. It’s a story of me, my business, where we started and where we are now.

I’m a member of 1Networking. We meet weekly every Tuesday at 12noon, on Zoom. As a member, we get the opportunity to present to the room for 10 minutes. I will be doing my presentation on The Story of Hazel and the Creative Content Company.

I was speaking to a friend a few weeks ago and he was saying about public speakers. You can always hear a talk, watch a presentation or read a book from the hugely successful multi-millionaires. But what about the ‘real’ people? There are business owners out there that don’t want to become multi-billion business owners. Instead, they want a small business, or just to run their own, one-person business.

So, that is where the idea of my presentation came in. This is why I wanted to present on the story of Hazel and the Creative Content Company. I will start by talking about how the business began. Then I will talk about my first clients, my first employee and how the business grew.

We are still a small business now, but we are perfectly formed. Creative Content Company is an awesome team of 4 people. The exact size I want the business to be. We have a great number of clients, and a fab variety of clients too. The business, for me, is perfect.

In my presentation I talk through my journey and the story of Hazel and the Creative Content Company to help others.

Maybe you will be inspired by something I say? Perhaps you will learn from my mistakes? Something I say might encourage you to carry on? Or maybe you’re just nosey and want to know who this Hazel is? Whatever the reason, I would love it if you came along to my 1Networking presentation on Tuesday 23rd August. It’s free to attend and you get to network with awesome people in business too.