As many of us know, or will have found out further to a ‘telling off’ from the Facebook powers that be – you cannot use your personal facebook page to promote your business, services and products continuously. Facebook has a policy against this and if they find you are doing it they will email you telling you to stop and to set up a fan page or business page to promote your business there.

Facebook aren’t doing it because they hate you, part of the reason they are doing it is because they want to make money off you by encouraging you to pay to advertise. The other reason Facebook are doing it is to improve the user experience for everyone else.

You have to remember that Facebook is responsible for the user experience and they want people to keep coming back to Facebook, using it over and over again. And let’s be honest, if we are marketing on Facebook then we want people to keep coming back to Facebook too.

By putting parameters in place Facebook are encouraging users of facebook, us and our friends included, to keep logging into Facebook everyday because they are enjoying their time on Facebook and not being spammed with sales and advertising messages.

You may find that you get less engagement by using a facebook business page or fan page instead of your profile page, but if Facebook sees that you are using your personal page on Facebook to advertise your business they will shut your personal page down. They may offer to set up a business or fan page for you but you will run the risk of losing the friends you have worked hard to gain and you my loose all the posts and pictures you have uploaded too.

Make sure you have a facebook business page and do not use your personal page to advertise your business too much or you could be at risk of losing a lot of your hard work. If you need help with managing your facebook page then give our social media management team a call and see how they can help you achieve more for your business through social media.