If you’re struggling to come up with blog post ideas why not have a look at your Google Analytics? Sadly there have been changes to what is displayed on your analytics but by looking at the keywords you have been found for you’ll be able to see what you need website content written about and the keywords.

You can also look at which areas you are getting searches from and then create web pages for the areas that you are being found for – this is also a great tip for when you get new clients or testimonials from an area that is not your local area because it when potential customers of this area look on your site they will see you have worked for a local company they may recognise the name of.

Take a look at your google analytics to see which blog posts are most popular and write more blog posts on this topic or theme. You can then link these blog posts together internally and that will help with your search engine ranking too.

See which blog posts tend to lead to sales by looking at the customer journey, are there particular blog posts that visitors go from to a product or service page and then go on to purchase from you. Have a look at what these blog posts are written about and the style in which they are written – use this research to create more similar blog posts to help gain more sales from visitors to your website.

If you need help with your blog posts because you can’t come up with ideas or haven’t got the time to write blog posts for your business website then let us know and we can write your blog posts for you.

We can also offer one to one Google Analytics training to help you see what is and isn’t working on your website so you can regularly monitor if the work you are doing is working!