Would you order boxes full of leaflets and brochures for your business and then leave them in the garage to gather dust? This is what happens when you get a brand-new website and don’t focus on SEO. You could have the most beautiful website design in the world. But, if nobody sees it, what’s the point? One way to ensure that your website gets seen is to focus on SEO, which will help you get found on Google.

Saying that SEO is huge is quite the understatement. SEO is made up of hundreds, even thousands of bits. In this blog post we look at how you can go about using keywords to boost your SEO. If you find the right keywords to boost your SEO, you will increase your ranking on Google too.

So, in this blog post we look at how using keywords to boost your SEO will help you rank higher on Google.

It’s important that you find the right keywords. Think about your target audience and customers. What words do they use to find your products, services of business offerings? These are your keywords. For example, we class ourselves as content writers. However, our clients and target audience will refer to us as bloggers, blog writers, copy writers and similar. This is why we use a selection of these keywords in our content.

Take the time to create a list of keywords. You will need between 20 and 50 ideally. Enter these into a keyword tool to see which of the keywords are frequently used and the competition for them. Some of these keyword tools will even make suggestions of other keywords you might not have considered.

Now it’s time to work on using the keywords to boost your SEO and ranking on Google. Use the keywords throughout your website. You could have landing pages or service pages for example, that have these keywords in the title. Ideally you want one keyword per page. Try to include them in your page titles, meta descriptions and in the url. This will all help to boost your SEO and ranking on Google.

Want to know more? Contact our SEO content writers in Peterborough. We will happily complete an SEO review of your website. This will recommend improvements you can make. Our team can create blog posts for you and upload them too. This will also help with your overall SEO ranking.