If you are looking to grow your Facebook reach organically then a competition could be a great way of doing this. Think about what your business does. What could you offer as a prize for a competition? Maybe a free or heavily discounted service or product. Think about what your audience would want too.

It doesn’t have to be relevant to your business. It could be a bunch of flowers for Mother’s Day or a chocolate hamper for Easter perhaps? You need to think about what your audience want and what price would get them engaging with your competition to grow your Facebook reach organically.

While competitions are one of the best ways to grow your Facebook reach organically, you do need to make them simple. It’s easier if you have a good number of likes on your Facebook business page. If these likes and fans are engaging with your page, this will make it even easier for you.

Further to this, the prize needs to be good and the post promoting the competition needs to be eye-catching. Like we said though, it needs to be a simple competition. If you make it over-complicated or people need to do multiple things to enter, they won’t bother.

Generally speaking, competitions will get comments. When you do your competition right it will get lots of likes and shares too. In turn, this will lead to growing your Facebook reach for your business page organically.

We would recommend posting one competition a month as a minimum. This will result in growing your Facebook reach dramatically for your business and online presence. If you would like to give your competition a little kick start, you could boost the post on Facebook with a small payment between £5 and £25. This will just start the ball rolling for you.

Think about how you run your Facebook competition. How can you use it to get more likes, engagements and shares of your posts? How can this lead to more sales for your business?

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