Having recently seen some jokes about people employing someone to continue tweeting on Twitter and posting on Facebook after their death it got me thinking… was this really a service that people would be interested?

I started chatting with friends, over a glass of wine and we discussed the idea behind it and how it could work and there were numerous points we came up with!

Firstly, it would be great for creeping people out. If the person passing away had a sense of humour then this would be great for them. This could also be the person that had someone dressed as the Grim Reaper at the back of the funeral service. It may seem distasteful, but if the person had a sense of humour maybe they don’t want people to have a sad face and shed a tear at the funeral, maybe they want to make their friends and family smile one last time?

Secondly, you could down the route of slight comedy, but not to freak others out. For example, if buried you could post updates and tweets with things like “Its dark down here” or “Hello Mr Worm”. These would be humorous posts that would bring a smile to the faces of loved ones.

Thirdly, and perhaps more seriously; how about leaving messages to those that you love on special occasions. The person could create messages for loved ones on their own birthday for friends and family, as well as to those loved ones on their own birthdays and wedding anniversaries, Christmas and such like. It is days like these when we think of our loved ones that have passed, how nice would it be to receive a message from them, that they wrote before they passed away, with you in mind.

As morbid as this blog post may be, and we don’t want to make you feel low, but if this is a service that you would consider then please feel free to contact us directly. We would love to help you bring a smile to your loved ones faces, after you have passed.