Regular newsletters are a great way of staying at the forefront of your clients minds, strengthening the relationship and bond with existing clients while introducing yourself to new clients. Now you have sent your first one (or few newsletters) it’s a great time to review and take stock of how they went to make your next newsletter the best it possibly can be.

It’s important that you provide value in your newsletters, if the reader isn’t getting anything from the newsletter then they aren’t going to forward it to a friend, or worse they may not open it or they may even leave the newsletter subscription all together.

Try and stay focused when you’re writing your newsletter, the longer the email the less likely it is people will read, Even if the email newsletter is something the receiver is interested in, if they open it and see it’s long they may choose to come back to it later – but then life gets in the way and they forget. Aim to deliver a focused message and you’ll give your audience exactly what they want and improve your chances of driving action from your target audience.

Make it easy for your readers to get involved, give them lots of simple clicks to get through to your website. The easier you make it for your readers to get involved the better, give them loads of opportunities to click links that will get them involved, such as links to blog posts, new products, special offers and such like.

As hard as it can be, it is really important to be consistent. Having a relevant and frequent presence on social media and through newsletters can be tricky, especially during busy periods however consistency is key. When you use platforms like Mailchimp (which we recommend), you can schedule newsletters to be sent out at set times and that means your readers will receive your newsletter at the same time each week, month or quarter.

Be social, talk about what has been happening on your social media platforms and share links to these as this will allow you to keep a relationship with your fans and followers in between newsletters too.