Here at Creative Content Company we provide content for newsletters and we can design newsletters for our clients too. Many people ask us if email marketing and newsletters actually work and we have two answers to that. Firstly, we do email marketing and newsletter and it certainly works for us (on average 1-3 new clients per monthly newsletter) and secondly, if we didn’t believe in a service we wouldn’t offer it!

Building relationships with customers and clients, as well as potential customers and clients is crucial in this day and age. Research shows that companies who embrace relationship building as part of their marketing are more likely to generate customer loyalty and gain repeat business that those that don’t. Newsletter creation is a cost effective way to target your existing clients and stay at the forefront of their minds.

We have put together the top reasons we think your business may need a newsletter;

  • Newsletters are a personal and intimate way to create a connection with your existing and potential clients
  • Newsletters are a really good way of staying at the front of your target audiences mind until they are ready to purchase your products or services from you
  • Newsletters are a superb way of making sure that you and your company are not forgotten about
  • Newsletters are a brilliant way for you to display your expertise and knowledge on a deeper level
  • Newsletters are amazing at helping to generate and improve customer loyalty to your company or brand
  • Your newsletter belongs to you, you don’t need to depend of social media trends and terms of use, instead you can write what you want and what your audience want
  • Your biggest asset as a business are your contacts, so use them as your newsletter list to keep in touch with your clients / potential clients
  • You can save your money through newsletter creation as you can nurture your existing leads and allow you to brand your market to existing followers
  • Newsletters allow you to tailor-make your offerings to your ideal customer as you can tap into what they really want and need from you

What reasons do you think your business needs a newsletter for?