Do you have social media profiles for your business? Perhaps you have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a company page on LinkedIn too and an Instagram account? What are your reasons for this? Are you doing it because everyone else told you to do it? Do you know the top benefits of social media for small businesses? Perhaps you have seen these benefits of social media for your own small business yourself?

In this blog post we look at the top four benefits of social media for small businesses. If you feel that you want any of these benefits for your business, call our social media posting team. We can manage your business social media on your behalf. In turn, you will receive the benefits for your small business that social media can bring you.

·         Social Media Allows Customers To Validate You

With so many new businesses popping up all the time, customers want to check out who they are buying from. They will check out your website and your social media presence. They will want to see who you are, what you post and how frequently. This will help them decide if they should spend their hard-earned cash with you and your business.

·         Social Media Improves Your Organic Search

When you go on Google and other search engines, you will see sponsored ads at the top. These are the businesses that have paid for their website to be seen. This can be costly and as soon as you stop paying, the listing goes. SEO is another way to rank on page one of Google. One of the ways you can boost your SEO is by having an active social media presence that links back to your business website.

·         Social Media Helps You Stay Ahead

If you are looking to stay ahead of your competition, social media is a great way of doing that. Take your time to look at the social media platforms available to you. Look at what they offer, how they could work for your business and if your target audience are there. You don’t need to be on all the social media platforms, just the ones that work for you and your audience. This is what will help you stay ahead of the competition online.

·         Social Media Reduces Marketing Costs

We already touched on Paid Ads and Sponsored Ads, but we have a little more to say on the topic. As a new or start-up business you might like to pay money for paid ads. This can give you a little boost and get you on Page 1 quickly. Over time, your SEO points, gained via social media, will help your website climb the organic searches. You can then slow down or stop your paid ads as your organic searches replace them.

Need helping managing the social media for your business? Call our social media management team now.