When it comes to SEO content optimisation, you need to be able to create engaging content for your business. However, this engaging content also needs to rank highly on search engines. This is where SEO content optimisation comes in, and where our SEO content writers in Peterborough can help.

Our SEO content writers can create engaging content that ranks highly. They do this by following this simple three step guide to SEO content optimisation. We are sharing our guide with you, so you too can create great quality SEO content for your business. As a small business ourselves, we want to help your business achieve more online.

If you do struggle with the steps, don’t have the interest or the time – you can always outsource your SEO content writing needs to our team of professional and experienced SEO copywriters in Peterborough!

The Three Steps To SEO Content Optimisation

Step One: Tone of Voice

You need to take the time to think about your ethos, values, business and industry. This will you create a tone of voice for your business that can be used in your content. It’s essential that you get to real heart of your business. This is what makes you stand out from other businesses and is something you should be proud to shout about. Your tone of voice should reflect the personality of your brand and business.

Step Two: Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential. This is where you find out what your target audience are searching for to find your business, service or product. Your keyword research will include popular phrases, terms, words and topics that are relevant to your business offerings or industry. There will also be niche keywords and long-tail keywords that will help you attract a wider audience. These may be search terms you haven’t even considered.

Step Three: SEO Copywriting

Once you have found your tone of voice and you know the keywords you want to work on, you can begin your SEO copywriting. This is where you will create engaging and optimised content that your target audience will love. You will need to choose one or two of your keywords for each page of content or blog post, then focus on those. For each page of web copy or blog you can select a new keyword or term to focus on.

If you need help with SEO content optimisation for your business, just give us a call or book a free online meeting. We will happily chat through the steps and make keyword recommendations for you too.