Let’s go back to basics, just for a minute.  Very simply put, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about helping your target audience find your business online. Which in theory sounds pretty easy but when put into practice it isn’t quite as easy as you might hope, especially when it comes to copywriting.

From a copywriting prospect, SEO friendly website content is all about keywords; these are words or phrases that your target audience will put into search engines like Google, to find what they want – and hopefully your website will be the top website that comes up to answer their question.

To try and make sure that you are at the top of the search engine results for the keywords that your target audience are putting into the search engines it means that your website content is not only clear, engaging, persuasive and compelling but your website content all needs to be rich in keywords, but not too keyword rich.

The trick to successful SEO copywriting for websites is that those essential keywords need to be in the right places in the website content and they need to be to the right density. If Google or other search engines feel that you are ‘keyword stuffing’ you can get penalised by their algorithms. As well as all this, your website content also needs to read naturally. Your website content needs to be understood by your target audience, so put them before the Google robots.

Professional SEO copywriting for your website ensures that your business website will be full of high quality website content and this will attract your target audience to your website and potential clients to your business.

If you need help with the SEO copywriting for your business then give us a call, we can write the website content for you or we can give you some tips to help you get it right on your own business website.