In June I was thrilled to be invited along to Jack Hunt School for their 2014 Real Business Challenge Day, I was given a group of 5 year students for the day and I had such a fantastic time. I left truly inspired and I’m really looking forward to being more involved with the schools.

At first we took time to get to know the students and tell them a little bit about us. There were 5 ‘Business Mentors’ and about 30 students, it was fascinating to see how they portrayed my job. You’re never quite sure what students will understand but they pretty much got it down to a ‘T’ and I was impressed with their questions.

We were then told the ‘Real Business Challenge’ – we were to invent a new drink. You could choose the style, the age range, the flavour and everything but you had to come up with a name, the ingredients, something ‘catchy’ about the product and a presentation.

My group called the product Jawta, going on the J20 line with it. We had a celebrity endorsement from a teenagers TV program and we were ready to go. They girls decided they would create an advert too, with a song. An eight line song was written and I recorded it and it slotted into the presentation.

When presentation time came round the video didn’t work, quick as a flash the students in my group decided they would perform it live. I felt as proud as I would if I was there mother, I was choked and teary eyed – my students had done me proud.

We were over the moon to have come second (especially as it meant we won a box of chocolates) and I went away extremely impressed. These students took a risk, they didn’t care what their fellow students and peers thought of them instead they were proud to stand out for what they thought was right, regardless of what others might think. It certainly made me think about what I do!

If you want to live in a better community then make your community better, by helping out for just a few hours you can make such a difference. I took time out and I really enjoyed it and I know the students learnt from it too.

Follow this link for some photos of the day;